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Dallas Fed president Kaplan: Growth is going to be challenging in Q4 and early next year

  • Economic growth is probably stalling due to coronavirus spike
  • The latter half of 2021 will be very strong

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23:29 04.12.2020
Key events for next week: Japan, eurozone and Britain GDP, US trade balance, Chinа consumer price index, Bank of Canada and ECB interest rate decision, US consumer sentiment index
On Monday, at 00:30 GMT Australia will release the ANZ job advertisements for November. At 03:00 GMT, China will announce a change in the foreign trade balance for November. At 05:00 GMT, Japan will present an index of leading economic indicators for October. At 07:00 GMT Germany will report the change in the volume of industrial production for October. At 08:00 GMT, Switzerland will announce changes in the SNB's foreign currency reserves for November. At 08:30 GMT, Britain will publish the
19:01 04.12.2020
White House economic adviser Kudlow: Policy disagreements on stimulus remain, but progress is being made - CNBC
A targeted assistance plan would be very helpfulU.S. must keep schools and businesses open
18:45 04.12.2020
Chicago Fed's president Evans: U.S. economy has been horrifically challenged
U.S. economy came back more quickly than thoughtStill a ways to go in recoveryRecovery has been uneven with some sectors advantaged and others hit harderNeed a stronger return to work to keep things goingVaccine is promising, a lot of reasons to hope that things will be better in 2021Would expect a steeper yield curve as economy strengthens