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CashBack extends to VIP Standard accounts.

CashBack is charged to the client’s own facilities, which are available at the end of the month excluding the facilities that have been added within such a month. However, the CashBack is also accrued onto the profits acquired at the end of the month as well as on the profits gained for an incomplete settlement month.

Let’s take an example: total funds at the end of the month (including all the results from the open and closed trades and bonuses) make up $130,000 as follows: Bonuses amount to $5,000; profits acquired by the client during the month are $10,000; facilities the client has added to the trading account within the month make up $30,000. Suppose that the client has traded over 110 lots during the month, which means $1900 (+2% of $95,000) will be charged to the trading account at the start of the next month. The CashBack is not applied for $5,000 bonuses and $30,000 that have additionally be added to the trading account during the month.

To get the CashBack, the client should maintain a required minimum level of trading activity and the amount of the traded lots should be no less than the amount of facilities available at the start of the settlement month.

The client profile should be verified to participate in the campaign.

Trading will all financial instruments is taken into account in terms of receiving cashback.

The CashBack facilities can be withdrawn at any time and with no restrictions.

The period of availability is unlimited.

The Company may deny the CashBack provision without disclosing the reason.

The Company reserves the right to request extra information from the client for verification purposes.

The Company can modify the campaign conditions at any time and notify the clients about such modification in due order.

What to do receive the CashBack:

  1. Top up the account balance (at least $20,000).
  2. Send a request to the client support department for status upgrade via the “Questions” section on your Personal Login Page.
  3. Ensure the required monthly volume of trades.

You can receive up to 31,8% per annum of free funds available on your trading account monthly.