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LAMM Service Glossary


means a Client of the Company who has registered a trading account as an Investor Account under the LAMM Service in order to be able to copy trading transactions from a respective Trader Account to his/her Investor Account.


means a Client of the Company who has registered a trading account as a Trader Account under the LAMM Service. A Trader is never involved in the management of Investors' funds, but rather operates solely as a provider of trading signals that are copied to the Investor Accounts linked to this Trader.

Provider of Trading Signals

means a trading account from which trading transactions are replicated (copied) to other trading accounts connected to this trading account via the LAMM Service.

Non-Public Trader Account

means a Trader Account which is not listed on the Company's websites.

Public Trader Account

means a Trader Account, which is listed in the Traders’ Rankings and available for viewing by all clients of the Company on the Company’s websites.

Trader's Contract

means a unique personalized code that identifies a Trader within the LAMM Service, which includes the Trader's Offer. By using a Trader's Contract, an Investor invests in a respective Trader.

Trader's Offer

means an offer to potential Investors to link their trading accounts to the Trader Account under the terms set by the Trader.

Trader's Commission

means the commission set by the Trader, according to which settlement between the Trader and Investors as well as commission will be calculated for profitable replicated trading transactions.

Accounting Period

means a period of time (since the start of collaboration between the Investor and Trader, or since the previous settlement between an Investor and a Trader) after which settlement takes place between an Investor and a Trader. A standard accounting period is one week.


means a process of linking an Investor Account to a Trader Account in order to copy trading transactions executed by the Trader to a respective Investor Account.

Replication of Trading Transactions

means copying of trading transactions from the Trader Account to a respective trading account of an Investor.

Replication Ratio

means the ratio of copying trading transactions from a Trader Account to an Investor Account, which is set by the Investor while connecting his Investor Account to a Trader Account.

The commission fee

for a trading transaction is calculated based on the financial performance of respective transactions after they have been closed, regardless of whose control the order was under. The commission fee is charged against the Investor Account via a balance transaction carrying a memo: “cmsn lock for rep. #Investor order ticket”, and is reserved on a special retention account until the settlement procedure is carried out between the Investor and the Trader.


means the procedure of distributing the accrued commission between the Investor Account and Trader Account.

Commission Refund to Investor

means partial refund of the commission accrued by the Trader during the settlement procedure via transfer to the Investor Account. Returns of commission to an Investor are executed via a balance transaction to the Investor Account with a comment as follows: “cmsn return from Trader Account Number”.

Trader’s Reward

means a part of the Trader’s commission accrued that is transferred to the Trader Account during the settlement procedure. The Trader's reward subject to the company's commission is deposited in the Trader Account via a balance transaction with a comment as follows:“cmsn from Investor Account Number”.