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Partner Program terms and conditions

Forex Optimum partners obtain profits from the trading turnover of the clients they have attracted. The more clients and trades, the greater rewards a Forex Optimum partner will receive.

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What is it?

Your fees are based on percentage of a spread value.

A spread is the difference between the bid and the ask price of currency, which a client pays on opening a transaction.

When you start a business with Forex Optimum you will earn up to 50% of the spread. Your revenues will increase respectively to your further accomplishments.

Please find the partner development and profit markup motivational scheme below.

up to15% of the spread


up to30% of the spread

Premium Partner on reaching monthly
500 standart lots for forex
(with considering MTP)

up to50% of the spread

V.I.P Partner on reaching monthly
1000 standart lots for forex
(with considering MTP)

What is MTP?

A key to charge partner’s fees is the requirement for a client to pass the MTP level. The MTP is a minimum level the price should go through after the transaction is opened, i.e. it is the difference between the open and close price. The MTP is measured in percentage of the trading instrument value and should be no less than 0.05% of the open price (about 0.0005 for EURUSD).

The MTP example:

A client opens position to buy EUR/USD pair and enters a trade at 1.50000. The price grows higher and the client closes the trade at 1.50455, which means the price has gone through 455 points and it makes up 0.3% of the open price. The MTP requirement is fulfilled here, and the partner’s fee will be charged.


The following statistics is available on your Partner login page:

  • — Number of clients you have brought in
  • — Volume of trades being executed
  • — Income from each client’s transaction
  • — Total income for any period selected

Fee payments

Fees are charged to the partner account once per each 24 hour.

You are free to withdraw the fees at any moment starting their depositing to the account.

You can use any withdrawal method which you find more convenient.

Our Company follows the partner-tailor approach. Therefore, we are open to discuss any special conditions when our partner exhibits success and strong motivation to develop. We are always looking forward to new interesting ideas that our partners are welcome to propose.