Online consultant

Offline Partner

The program offers an offline partner status in a particular region or city. You will have an assistance in setting up a business office and be provided with exclusive customer interaction tools and techniques. Offline partner program allows to ensure a higher level of the client credibility and partner’s fees, respectively.

Recommendations on how to bring in new clients

Friends and acquaintances

Let your friends and acquaintances know about what you do, discuss financial markets with them

Unfamiliar people in public places

  • - Display stands in shopping centers
  • - Leaflets and business cards
  • - Available promoters in crowded places
  • - Workshops and training sessions


  • - Draw clients through trainings, workshops, and special classes in Forex
  • - Bring in new clients with cold calling (making unsolicited phone calls to prospects)
  • - Communicate with clients in the office environment.

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