Online consultant

Online Partner

The program enables you to develop the business of your own as a partner of Forex Optimum. Becoming an online partner is easy and requires neither in-depth knowledge in IT nor considerable financial expenses. Business setup principle is essentially simple and effective. To be an online partner, you need to place the information about the Company on your website and draw clients using a partner referral link. The array of business development tools and techniques deployed can be as vast as possible.

Recommendations on how to bring in new clients


  • - Create your own website targeted at drawing new audience
  • - Place banners on your own or any other website
  • - Locate information about the Company on a separate page of any other website
  • - Place ads in Google and Yandex

Client registration form

Place a registration form on a dedicated website

Social networks

Nowadays, social networks users interact very actively and share links and pictures massively. This is a perfect venue for attracting an increasing number of clients. You can create your own group and post interesting and noteworthy information on Forex on a regular basis.


Discuss essential topics and various questions with the concerned users.


  • - Send messages containing your referral link
  • - Place ads
  • - Create your own group in social networks
  • - Add a topic to be discussed within the forum


Place the Company quotes on any website

The client’s joining-in is easy:

A link or HTML-code with quotes and registration form are always available on the personal login page. A client opens an account and gets assigned to you automatically by clicking the link or HTML-code and moving to the Company’s website.

Then, the client begins to trade, and you receive revenues from his/her turnover.