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Refund Policy

The present rules determine Forex Optimum Group Ltd. return of funds procedures. The purpose of this policy is a prevention of conflicts between clients and the Company, as well as reduction of risks related to AML.

The Company has the right to block access to client`s Personal Cabinet, suspend trading activity on accounts, cancel deposit/withdrawal applications or return funds if the source of money or activity of the Client contradicts to the Company`s AML policy or any established by the Company rules.

The Company reserves the right to return funds to the sender, in case during 1 month after a deposit there were no trading activity.

The Company may return funds because of specific objective reasons, received via any payment method, including credit/debit cards. In this case funds will be returned back to the same source used to make a deposit.

In cases when the Company classifies Client's activity as not relevant or not consistent with the normal purpose of using Company's services, where direct or indirect intention with a bad faith takes place, the Company has the right to act according to this document without prior notice.

For debit/credit cards deposits, Client undertakes not to submit a request to return already credited funds to his bank or card issuer both during and after the use of services.

In case the Company receives such a request, Company reserves the right to block access to Personal Cabinet.

The Company undertakes all necessary measures in order to prevent 3rd party deposits and withdrawals. Deposits and withdrawals should be carried out only by account holders.

In case of any disputes Client can submit a complaint, as per the client agreement.

The Company reserves the right to modify this policy any time without prior notice.