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Security Deposit

The Bonus can be granted to the holder of the Standard account only, who has been successfully verified on the Personal Login Page.

The security bonus may vary from 50% up to 100% of the amount the client has deposited. At that, the Company reserves the right to independently make decisions on the bonus size to be given.

The bonus is not subject to withdrawal and is used for trading purposes only.

The bonus has a limited period of availability and can maintain the required drawdown level until the client tops up the Trading account.

If the client fails to add funds to the Trading account within two (2) days starting the time of charging in the security bonus, the bonus amount and profits acquired from its use will be canceled.

After the client credits the funds to the trading account, the security bonus provided makes void. However, profits acquired from it can be further utilized for trading.

The Company may cancel the security bonus at any time if the terms and conditions of the bonus use are breached.

The Company also has a right to deny the bonus provision without disclosing the reason.

What to do receive the Bonus:

  1. Send a relevant request from the “Questions” section on your Personal Login Page to the client support department. Before doing this, make sure your trading account is VIP Standard and you have been successfully verified on your Personal Login Page. There may be external circumstances that prevent from topping up the account balance on time.
  2. Then confirm the bonus carrying-in in the “Bonus” section on your Personal Login Page.
  3. Add funds to your account balance at least two (2) days after the bonus is charged and trading operations continue.