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CFD on Energies

* Spread may vary subject to the market volatility.
Symbol Standard lot * Minimum spread Swap long Swap short Precision (digits)
UKBrent 1 000 0 -0.01 -4.00 2
USGas 10 000 0.0030000000 -2.00 -1.00 3
WTI 1 000 0.0070000000 -1.00 -22.00 3
Trading platform MetaTrader
Spread May grow subject to the market environment
Leverage up to 1:1000
Execution (Market execution)

When a position is held open overnight from Wednesday to Thursday, swap becomes tripled. There are some exceptions to this rule: a triple swap for CFDs on Commodities, CFDs on Indices and CFDs on Crypto is applied on Friday. Data on the swap size is updated in the trading terminal daily at 23:55.